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2020: Re-sharing posts of your company on facebook and linkedin on personal timeline

January 30, 2020 — Richárd Thier

If you want to know how to re-share our own posts as a person on social media instead of paying high amount of money advertising your business pages, read on. It is not hard once you know it, but social media suppliers did hide it!

Problem statement

If you just want the solution, scroll down for it, but for those who might not even understand what the problem is, I thought I better write it.

Now that I am CEO and founder of my own company MagosIT Kft I of course felt it is best to create social media sites for it. This is a simple move, but then I have realized that whenever I share a post I should share as my own company instead of myself. The problem is that I have more followers on my channels than my company profile.

Because of this I thought the best is to take my own posts and re-share them. What is weird though is that once you create a business page in linkedin or in facebook they completely change your user experience in how far you are shared.

This is understandable as now that you are a company, they expect you to pay money for online advertisement instead of helping you to pop-up everywhere! For example before, when you are "yet another worker" on linkedin, they do their very best to connect you with all kinds of businesses and people because tht is what is expected and gives the platform a good reputation, and a feel that it is best to connect with business there. Also you would likely not pay for advertisement as a worker except if you actively search work so there is no reason to think there can be big money in your pockets.

What happens when you are on the other side and became a business company?

It indicates that:

  • You likely have money as salaries costs more than small ad fees
  • You likely would pay headhunters or have HR department
  • You likely have no choice but to pay as people are on social media

This is business and social media owners know it. Of course you can "hack" the system multiple ways like some worker of yours can keep on posting as a human instead of as a company and you can still get referred to your web page.

Facebook and LinkedIn logo

The problem is that your professional company pages will still get to be sad and quite unreached. This is not so big of a problem but why do not just do a re-share from there as yourself?

It seems like a good idea: You already have your well built personal profile and you can re-share what your company page have posted and maybe some of the people even start liking your company page too so you pop up in search.

Problem is: For the first sight I had no idea how to do this. It was hidden...

Online advertisement: Re-share your own posts

So how you re-share your company posts?

  1. First you write a post. Best is if it leads to your company page, youtube page, whatever.
  2. Always have a pleasant image on your post, usually social media sites pick the first image from a shared website btw.
  3. Re-post as yourself (see details below for FB and LinkedIn)
  4. Do not forget what channels you should share on (for example re-share in groups or as a "messenger story"

Re-sharing on Facebook

Facebook is the easier one in this aspect. All you need is to go to your content and share it as yourself. The only hard part is seeing this small dropdown I marked on the image which lets you choose who does the sharing and other actions. It is right near the "share" button, but is hard to see.

Where to click on facebook to share your own company post

So in case of facebook, you create your post as the company then change this dropdown to your on username and share your post. That simple and it is on your timeline or in the groups you want to share your message in.

You should also be active on messenger as I see some of the younger people only use phones for facebook and your audience will be bigger this way!

Of course before all that, you surely need the business page on facebook. That is easy to create and there are many tutorials for it so I will not delve into that here. Practically you can just use the top-right corner of facebook and create a "page". That is all. You also better use full facebook for this as despite I usually can only stand which is much faster, you will be likely feeling limited by using that for these kind of things.

Re-sharing on LinkedIn

Linkedin is the harder among the two. First of course you need a company page here too, for which there are countless tutorials once again and is easy to set it up. Practically you just use the dropdown saying "Work" in the top right corner once again.

Then after you wrote your post(s), you want to share it. Some say you should just look at the "all posts" as yourself instead of your company account and scroll until you find your post. This is boring, time consuming and bad habit for just re-sharing your content and likely will not even work as the site just grows even more with even more posts need to be shared.

The right solution is to go to your company page and look up your post there. You will find it immediately as it will be on top or at second place so this is not time consuming.

Where to click on linkedin to share your own company post

Now is the magic happening! You need to click on the three dots ("...") button and choose "copy link to post". This copy a static link to your company post into your clipboar so you can go to your own - personal timeline and page and easily just paste this link into anywhere. You can post now both to your timeline and to any groups you are in using this technique.

As you can see the reposts you do this way tell where you are sharing it from! People can immediately start following your company page if interested. Also you can write some text around it if you want. The key is that the system see from the link that it is from linkedin and it shows it with proper widgets.

Where to click on linkedin to share your own company post

An other good way

An other good - maybe even better - way is to ask one of you fans or friends to just share what you shared. This either works or not and they might be not available or in front of the internet when you need your post to be shared as you might have found by measuring analytics what time it is best to share!

Final thoughts

Of course you cannot expect all marketing for free, but many of the companies - like my MagosIT Kft - start small and with pretty limited online marketing or other marketing budget. With guerilla ways you can sometimes reach more people and possible customers than with some small-amount advertisement.

Also of course now that you understand how to share and promote your company sites and pages on your personal social media, you can also apply all other tricks and tips for better online presence - like cross-posting your social media posts between your different social media channels to unify followship or cross-post your websites, blogs, youtube and all other channels.

I will cross-link when I finish my web design for example..

Oh and do not forget to ask your existing friends to follow your company pages!

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