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How we speak with computers

July 06, 2019 — Richárd Thier

Once my high-school friend asked "how a bunch of bytes can mean something?" and he wanted to have a clue on how a computer "magically works".

Back then I already knew it, because I have started up my programing with the assembly programming language, which is practically machine language and also I knew about very basic electronics at least. But what if you are not knowing these things? What if you know computers quite well, but you are neither a programmer, neither anyone who uses a soldering iron ever?

I will try my best to explain how a very simple computer really works. Read on.


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Make it work 2: GT 97 Racing - "playing" the game

January 19, 2019 — Richárd Thier

After creating the NO-CD version of the game it was time to play some is not it? It started out really hard and after perfecting the game while making it run without any lag... I have found that it is unbeatable on the first level even with a perfect drive!

It seems the internet is also complaining on this: People write on various places that there are versions which are unbeatable and versiouns which are beatable. Instead of finding a right versioun I thought it is best to go and 'play' a bit differently - 'play' with some debuggers and reverse engineering tools.

After all this became a much longer and harder journey than removing the no-cd code. The results are presented in this post, but if you are only interested in downloading the final binaries, scroll down to the posts end!

Also if you just want to see how I removed the CD-checks, look for the earlier post on this very same blog.


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Make it work: GT97 Racing

January 16, 2019 — Richárd Thier

Once I had this game (GT97 Racing) and now found it in nrg image format so I thought it is time to retroplay a bit with it, to find out sadly that the game does not work because of copy protection complains when trying with the NRG, cdemu, linux, dosbox environment.

The game uses CD checking in a way that does not work when the .nrg image is mounted with cdemu on linux and its drive directory is mounted with dosbox!

This is because the CD is a mixed-mode CD with audio tracks and allegedly the length of the tracks are used as copy protection.


Tags: retro, gaming, dosbox, crack, gtracing, hacking, assembly, debug, hack, linux, cdemu, make-it-work, gt, 97, racing