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Blog not mobile friendly? Neither apache mod_dir is!

February 28, 2020 — Richárd Thier

As most of you already know, my blog is just static HTML but generated by one small bash script called bashblog or For this it is blazing fast and simple to load and pretty much always looked good on my phone too. When lookin at google search console I spot however that they said it is not really mobile friendly and you better take that seriously for SEO penalties and such.

Read on for some tips and tricks in responsive blog design.


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Website and blog speedup tricks

April 01, 2019 — Richárd Thier

Performant websites and blogs lead to a much better user experience and not only that, but even google will rank your creations better when optimized.

This blog was always lightweight - until lately when a lot of clutter have finally piled up in form of various scripts, third party components along with badly optimized pictures. Through this blog post I am documenting the "cleanup process", so read on.


Tags: website, speedup, web-development, optimization, trickz, tutorial, blog

Setting up my own ascii-casting on my blog

January 18, 2019 — Richárd Thier

Uploading live-code like recordings is handy for a blog in many ways. My machine is not the fastest to handle easy MP4 content creation software and I like lightweight solutions anyways.

Asciinema is a nice app for recording the terminal. It closely resembles termrec and earlier alternatives but is much more stable when it comes to handling editors and other things. In this post I show how have I set up a javascript player for asciinema recordings to work with my minimalist blog using (bashblog)


Tags: meta, asciinema, bashblog, asciicast, termrec, blog, terminal, lightweight, fun, tutorial, software-development, linux

Why this is called a ballmerpeak devblog?

February 17, 2018 — Richárd Thier

I think I have never answered this and there are no hints for it at all. Maybe some people would think it is because of some big underlying philosophy or who knows what else so I better clean it up haha: It is because I had to choose a username fast and at that day I have seen that "ballmer peak" picture on xkcd which was funny.

Not a long story isnt it? My email adress - which seems completely random - is actually more detailed than this ;-)

Oh: of course after I have that username on my university's server machine I'd better choose the same for the title of the devblog too, because it is in the URL anyways so it should make some sense. This is one of those cases when the result is there because of tides of the world randomly flowing and refactoring the meaning into the stuff only as an afterthought.

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