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Make it work 3: Nexus - The Jupiter Incident

September 03, 2019 — Richárd Thier

This post is about making the game in the title run on linux. Might be helpful for anyone who has 3D glitches for this or any other games when played in wine.

Now after I had changed my linux distro to an arch machine I had to reinstall some of my games that I made run well earlier. These were sometimes cases that are much less interesting then disassembling GT97 racing as before so I did not blog about these and sometimes I had no notes on how to make them work.

Now as I redo these things it became visible that it is worth noting this kind of information too because one can easily forget what was the key and thus I can see now that others might be interested in the process too.


Tags: make-it-work, retro, linux, gaming, wine, nexus, the-jupiter-incident, install, hack, custom, resolution, swiftshader, directx, glitch